Psychological Test: How Are You Holding Your Phone?


What if my usual behavior was reflected in my psychological state? There is a psychological test that is popular recently through SNS. You can know your mental state by how you hold your phone.

You are likely to be extremely confident and risk-taking, but surprisingly cautious. You may prefer to take the time you need to know if you need someone in your life or not.

Intuitive, wise, rational, intelligent, and prudent. Especially someone who counts situations several times before taking action. In particular, he is also a disturber of the personality who likes to rationalize everything.

Personality can be quick and hurried. They can quickly adapt to changing environments and act effectively in new situations. In particular, it cannot be seen as an advantage for the issue of reason.

I have a lot of different ideas in my life. He is the type of person who is good at planning and executing. They like to focus on new projects, especially because they want big success.

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