8 Things That Change When Charles III Becomes King of England


Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the next in line, Charles III, will be crowned King of England.  Let's take a look at eight things that change when Charles III becomes King of England.

Royal Heraldry

The above is the coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth II, and Charles III originally had the coat of arms of the Prince of Wales, but it seems that the coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth will be replaced by a new coat of arms for Charles III upon accession.

Amendments to the constitution

The constitutions of the 14 countries in the Commonwealth around England state that the Queen is our head of state. When Charles III ascends to the throne, the constitutional amendment seems inevitable because of this part.

Name correction

Since Elizabeth II is a queen, all verses that contain a queen in the countries will be amended to be king.


The Queen holds the position of Supreme Ruler (Supreme Governor) in the Anglican Church of England. There is a prayer that mentions this in the Anglican Church.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms, called the Royal Standard, was divided into a total of 4 compartments, and it is expected that this will also change.

Monetary Design

Britain uses money with the face of the king who ascended to the throne as its currency. However, it may take a considerable amount of time for the replacement of the British currency notes.

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