7 things you shouldn't leave in your car


Cars are a useful means of transportation in our daily life. Although it is a safe means of transportation, it can be harmful to our body if we put things that should not be placed on the car.

children & pets

There have been many cases in which children were trapped in abandoned cars, which became a social problem, and their lives were taken.


The ingredients in sunscreens can cause the cream to explode or significantly reduce its effectiveness when exposed to heat.

carbonated drink

As the weather gets hotter, if you leave carbonated drinks or cold mineral water in your car, the gas volume in the bottle expands under the influence of the internal temperature and can explode at any time.


In hot weather, especially under sunlight, a clear plastic and glass water bottle becomes a converging lens to focus the rays of light on a point.


Many people have a habit of leaving laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, and spare batteries in their cars for work. However, this can increase theft rate and shorten the lifespan of electronic devices.

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